Especial – Día de Muertos




My Vampire Friend


I wonder… what’s behind that mask XD

Ok, now let’s talk about my country’s traditions:

Every November 1st and 2nd all mexicans celebrate the “Day of the Dead” or “Día de Muertos” and we all welcome -somehow- all the spirits in our houses by offer them something delicious to eat (for example: we leave cookies, a glass with milk,  tequila or a beer, tacos, corn, tortillas,  Pan de muerto, beans, fruits and so on) and some decorations (specially Cempazúchitl flowers or skulls made of chocolate or sugar). It’s also very common to light one to several candles to show the spirits the way home. Of course, if it’s the case, we also put a picture of that special someone who’s already dead.

You may find quite interesting to ride to small villages outside of the cities… each one have it’s own traditions (for example: some villages are used to visit the cemeteries this two days and take turns to pray, talk and wait for the spirits of their relatives or friends). Most of the persons are very friendly and even if they don’t know you, they may invite you to drink a coffee and a piece of bread they already made.