Meeeeh, I needed a new portrait of me. I mean, Why not? hehe

done in photoshop


The Perfect Gift – Stop Motion

Hello all

I did this Christmas animation some time ago with a friend of mine for personal purposes BUT we decided all should see it, we had much fun!

I hope you like it!


Little & Big – Christmas


Today, Big decided which was the perfect Christmas present for him…

Big: I’ve got my present!
Little: I’m not a toy let me free!!
Big: Nope, I’ll hug you and you’ll play with me the whole day
Little: BUT WHY?? we do that almost every day!
Big: I know, but… even if that’s a common thing and we don’t need a special day, you’re dear to me. The other day you asked me if I wanted something and all I need is what we always do.
Little: That’s really nice but…
Big: Besides, you look really cute like that hahaha
Little: FREE ME!

The end

I wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year.

See ya!




Talking about buying a christmas tree… what about a little robot who takes care of them?

In my house we use the same artificial tree since many years. But I think this year we won’t put anything… I prefer to drink hot chocolate.


A small travel to UK and Paris

From this friday my grandma and I are going to be in London for 3 days, and then we’re going to visit Paris until 12th december. Nice and sweet vacations… I needed it. And let’s say it, I’m so excited about it since I’ve never been in those countries before and I’m going to enjoy it! hell yeah!
I don’t think I’ll be able to draw something, while I’m there. I mean, who wants to do the “common” thing while visiting a new place?, besides it’s not like I can travel to Europe each time I want. I’m going to simply enjoy my stay.
I feel kinda annoyed but mostly sad because the “original” plan was to stay until January in Europe… specifically talking: in Germany. Our plans got completely ruined by some “small issues”. But… ok a week in Europe and not at home is nice in several ways.
So, if someone wants to meet me either in London or Paris, I’ll be glad to.
I’ll be also glad if someone could tell me what I shouldn’t miss while I’m in this two places: like visiting a special restaurant, meals, funny stuff and so on.