Finn – Cookies & Bear


…because there’s nothing better than a land where cookies is all you need to survive (without worrying about your weight) XDD


LB-The Lion and His Tail

Today is my birthday *yay* so I create this drawing with a small story so… keep reading!


One special day, Little and Big went out to walk a bit,
but then they found a Lion:

Little: Lion?
Lion: Hello there, good morning!
Little: oh! your tail is so cute!
Lion: Thank you… Hey the one on the tree, I don’t bite!
Big: A bite is enough, thank you….. I… I mean, I’m ok here.
Little: I want a tail like yours
Lion: You’re really cute, thanks
Little: Really, is sooooo touchable and fluffy…
Big: Hey Lion, there’s some free meat on the ground!!!
Lion: I see… I think I’ll hug him hahahaha
Little: yay!