Soccer Spirit


“… and so they prayed the Soccer Spirit for good matches…”

Let’s say it: I really like soccer, specially, if I’m the one playing it. I really enjoy to run behind the ball, it’s fun! But, when I see a nice match on TV I enjoy it the same way. Now… I think I really like this World Cup. I cheer for Mexico (obviously, because  I’m mexican) Germany and… Netherlands (this last one JUST in case Mexico lose against them T-T)

El Viajero Nocturno


Last friday I was on a small exhibition in “La Pulquería Insurgentes” (Mexico City) organised by MUTARTE in which I had the opportunity to collaborate with this special-illustration for the event. Fortunately one of my friends took a picture of me in front of it which I really appreciate 😀

The theme was kinda simple: “Trasnoche”, which means “stay up all night” or “party night” and well, I must admit I really had much fun with it. At some point I had many troubles with the colours, but at the end I love the result.


When I saw my Illustration on the wall… I couldn’t avoid to react like a little child XD