Little & Big


Sorry for the lack of updates. This days I have to focus on another work-stuff, so this time, I decided to introduce you (in case you didn’t know them before) my Little&Big characters. This two are the best friends you’ll ever met, they support each other and share everything. They specially love cookies and strawberry sandwiches… and almost everything amuse them…

This image comes with a short story:

Big: is this bus little or our trip is bigger?
Little: hmmmm
Big: maybe we carry so much lugagge
Little: hmmmm
Big: maybe it’s the perspective, if we get closer, we’ll be able to
get in the bus.
Little: hmmmm….I can ride it…


Finn-Carrots (process)


This is how every Finn-drawing start: I think previously on the idea and then I make a quick (5 mins) sketch.


Then I normally start to paint the background and draw the black lines… just to get a general idea of the colors I will use later.

As you can see, I already changed some things from the sketch.


And… this is how it looks next. I changed another things, of course, BUT it’s not finished yet…

Later I’ll add some color adjustments, more textures and… done!






Hello ladies and gentleman, today I brought you: This so cute Teemo with a Batman skin! 聽Oh yeah

I love it ^^




For me, october is one of this months in which there’s no much to do. But a walk may do the difference between a boring day and a calm one.

Para mi, octubre es uno de esos meses en los que no hay mucho qu茅 hacer. Pero una caminata puede hacer la diferencia entre un d铆a aburrido a uno calmado.