This week I decided to draw Teemo from League of Legends with a Batman skin! Here’s is the process. I’ll show how it look at the end later (much later).



Today when I arrived home I received a package from a very lovely friend of mine from Berlin!
how a beautiful surprise!….
und jetzt habe ich etwas zu lesen *yay* vielen lieben Dank Maria, du bist eine SEHR gute Freundin! 

Crónicas del Norte

Last week I got a copy of the work I did months ago for Warp Magazine. My job was to illustrate a strong and sad story written by Simón Mejía (a founder-member of the colombian group called Bomba Estéreo) who had a “weird” experience in the north of Mexico.

Las semana pasada recibí una copia del trabajo que realicé meses atrás para Warp Magazine. Mi trabajo fue ilustrar una fuerte y triste historia escrita por Simón Mejía (miembro fundador de la banda colombiana Bomba Estéreo) quien tuvo una experiencia muy “extraña” en el norte de México.


Part 1 of 3


Part 2 of 3


Part 3 of 3


Common but nice “Mistakes”

Sometimes while I draw, I do 2 or 3 versions of the same subject because I think I can do it better. Most of the time I have to stop for a moment to make some research in order to see things a little bit different.


01. This is the first one and I liked it… but then I thought there where a lot of strokes and the colors where too saturated.


02. Now with less strokes and less saturation… The idea needs to be reconsidered because now I think it must be “cleaner” with more “space” for text.

03 Final

03. After some research and some chips, the idea finally look more appealing for me. This image is done!

At the end, I consider the final results as an opportunity to improve my next drawings/paintings, and be a little bit better each day.